Why Ticks Could Be Dangerous

tick control in Anchorage

Initially, it would have been fortunate in the sense that you would have been able to spot a tick a mile off. Because after feasting on your dog’s back, tummy and legs, it would have grown big and fat. And then you would have noticed all the sores and scars left behind. That’s only if the dog makes it through another day. But the problem is that these pests disappear so quickly and hide away. Only professional tick control in Anchorage will know where they have gone.

How do they know this? Well, it’s like this. They are experts. They know and understand the variety of tick species a whole lot better than any other conventional pest control company would. So, upon arrival they’re literally on their bicycles trying to find the darn creatures. And because they already know where these cretins are hiding, they find them pretty quickly. Of course, they will continue scouring the rest of the premises.

Where these creatures are usually hiding is where they’ll likely be laying their eggs. And you may already have noticed this on finding a few of these creatures on your poor dog’s legs. They barely move a muscle. They don’t hop, skip and jump like fleas and grasshoppers would. The thing is, there too sluggish. That’s because they’re already tank-full with your animal’s blood. And of course, they can’t fly like mosquitoes do.

So apart from the damage they’re doing to the animals’ health, why would ticks be just so dangerous. Well, they spread disease. And while they generally shy away from human contact, you can never discount the possibilities. They could be carriers of diseases for which there is no cure or vaccine. So, won’t you just be careful out there.